Suspected “Bends”

Divers with suspected ‘Bends’.

We have for 14 years treated uninsured divers free … this is now ended.

We are reacting to several sets of circumstances, the least of which is ‘Trained and certified’ divers getting on commercial flights with ‘Problems’ they did NOT have before they entered the water and taking that inevitable gamble with their health on a scheduled flight rather than staying back in the resort and having Hyperbaric Treatment and paying for a later flight.

We are not treating divers free at this facility as and from 1st January 2016 and will charge the standard commercial rate both for ‘Treatment Tables’ and the follow up ‘Therapeutic Treatments’.

We do not deal with insurance companies ever since one worldwide insurance company told us to treat DCI/S with Aspirin post 4 days of onset. The legal eagles would have a ‘Field-day‘ with us for implementing that one……

US Navy Diving Manual:-

20 11.1.4 Aspirin and Other Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs;

“Routine use of antiplatelet agents in patients with neurological DCS is not recommended, due to concern about worsening haemorrhage in spinal cord or inner ear decompression illness”.

If this makes you suddenly remember what you were taught on your courses … We have been successful.

The charges will be up front… AKA., in advance and please remember this is a reaction to all the duplicity going on. If you want to ‘Extract the Michael’… well sadly you are going to pay for the pleasure of this centre being the butt of it.