Treatment Protocols

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Protocols

Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment is usually administrated according to a treatment protocol. Hyperbaric Oxygen is a potent drug, but if administered indiscriminately or improperly – instead of beneficial effects it can produce noticeable toxic effects… as is also the case in water poisoning! Therefore a safe time and dose limitations that have been established for hyperbaric oxygen exposure – form the basis for today’s treatment protocols. Treatment protocols are specific to medical conditions and are approved by authorized medical authority.

Treatment protocol is a general treatment program established for specific condition types being treated by hyperbaric oxygen. It prescribes core operation parameters such as atmospheric pressure, treatment duration, number of treatments, etc…

With the exception of decompression sickness and cerebral arterial gas embolism, treatments last approximately 60 to 90 minutes. These treatments may be given once or twice daily.

Usually Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments for most acute conditions prescribed approximately for 10 days, while chronic conditions may require treatment for 30 or more days. While receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the critically ill patient may be provided with mechanical ventilation, IV therapy and invasive and non-invasive monitoring.

Most treatment protocols for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning require the pressure of 2.5-3 ATA oxygen during 60-100 minutes. Osteoradionecrosis (radiation tissue injury) requires the pressure of 2.5 ATA oxygen during 90 minutes. Treatment protocols for the same condition may vary slightly between numerous hyperbaric medicine providers in public and private sectors.

Consultations with the patient’s referring doctor are common. During the course of treatment patient usually remains under the supervision of her primary physician.